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The South African Computer Accreditation Board (SACAB) was established in 2014 to govern the accreditation process of Computer Science (CS), Information Systems (IS), Informatics and Information Technology (IT) programmes at Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in South Africa (S.A.). The SACAB further accredits South African University, Comprehensive University and Universities of Technology CS/IS/IT programmes.

The SACAB is an IT industry independent body, linked to the Seoul Accord. The SACAB is made up of a combination of senior academic and industry representatives in S.A. The SACAB evaluates and endorses degree programmes at HEIs in S.A. that comply with international standards, supporting international portability of degree programmes and provides graduates with career paths and skills required by the IT industry.

Programme reviews are a specialised exercise that focus on the quality assurance within existing learning programmes within a department. The programme reviews measure whether programmes meet international standards as well as provide the platform for making recommendations for improving the programmes. This document forms part of a series of six documents that make up the SACAB Degree and Diploma Accreditation Document Set. The six documents are:

  1. SACAB General information (Doc 1: This document)
  2. SACAB Administrative Guidelines (Doc 2)
  3. SACAB Application Guidelines (Doc 3)
  4. SACAB Guidelines for Submissions (Doc 4)
  5. SACAB Submission Forms (Doc 5)
  6. SACAB Diploma Programme Criteria for Comprehensive Universities (Doc 6).